Sunday, April 11, 2010

Planet Stupid, redux

In today's Statesman Journal, a letter from someone calling himself "Alphatrion" regarding President Obama's edict on climate change was printed. I submit it here below, in its entirety. It is on their website (in case you think I made it up)--

Climate change is a feeling or a belief, not based on science (or at least not based on factual undoctored science) or facts. What obama wants to do the Congress wont approve and he should not go over their heads to push his unfounded belief onto the rest of us.

G.W. Bush opened up more areas for the exploration for drilling which was a good thing, economically and for our national defense, obama undid that. What obama is going to try to push through before November, I believe is a party agenda item that has nothing to do with helping the American people at all but rather with making the far left of his political party happy. He'll push for this and what he does not get via the Congress he'll have the EPA regulate to death.

Lastly, our air and water is cleaner today than it was prior to Bush becoming president and it's sure as heck cleaner than it was 50 or 100 years ago, no further regulation is needed nor wanted by most Americans, just by the few far left of the Democratic Party.

* * *

My posted response (updated, following watching 60 Minutes):

One would hope that we, as human beings, strive to move forward, to--among other things--become more enlightened, open-minded and... smarter. It is over four hundred years since "the Age of Reason" and now, we find unreasonableness, inflexibility and ignorance the prevalent mode of thought. We are living in the Age of Stupid.

How, in this day and age can someone actually believe that climate change is "a feeling" is simply unbelievable. An emotion is a feeling. It was reported last week that a number of glaciers have disappeared from Glacier National Park due to climate change. That is a fact. The emotion I feel when someone chooses not to accept the facts is frustration. Clearly, schools and the media are not doing their jobs for people to actually think this way. Climate change is not something to believe or not believe in. Quantifiable data on the changes that have taken place on the planet is not the same thing as Santa Claus or the tooth fairy. You don't have to believe in Santa if you choose not to, but, facts is facts.

Despite what the writer says, climate change is not a political issue, nor is it simply an issue of regulation. It is a fact.

85 years ago, evolution was put on trial. And yet, we are still arguing the case and having to deal with people who insist "creationism" is a science. Believing what is in the Bible is called faith. Calling it science is called dumb.

Tonight’s 60 minutes featured a segment on a skull and bones found in South Africa, reportedly 1.9 million years old. Oh, yeah, the fix is in. It’s all been rigged by them damned liberal scientists. Anyone knows man walked out of the sea and lived while dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Some of us have evolved. The rest watch Fox.

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Oh, it's planet stupid but you've evolved....weird.