Saturday, April 10, 2010


It's the American Way.

This one is provoked by a friend and by the half-term Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin and the testicles she's been awarded by Todd and the Tea Party folks.

An article in today's Salem Statesman-Journal was picked up from the AP. Headline: "Obama, Palin spar over nuclear policy."


One of them is the President of the United States and the other is a fear-mongering, writing-notes-on-her-hand, Fox commentator and political office quitter. Where is her credibility? Why is she afforded anything beyond a charge account at K-Mart and the local gunshop? She is either (a) A moron or (b) A great actress who plays a moron in the public eye.

I vote for (a).

And I also will issue a blanket slam at those, including the Associated Press, who afford her air time, print and more than a passing thought.

The article said that "some in the (Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans) responded (to her speech) with a 'Run, Sarah, Run' chant." Those outside the convention center who chanted "Walk, Idiot Walk" were not quoted and mistaken for singing along with a Swedish radio station broadcasting the Hives breakaway hit.

The Hives.
Sweden's greatest import since the Volvo P1800

Can I be serious for a minute? Mrs. Palin was quoted as saying that "no administration in America's history would (agree to the START treaty) I think, ever have considered such a step that we just found out President Obama is supporting today."

Correct. Unless, of course you take into consideration Ronald Reagan or George H.W. Bush. Reagan's Secretary of State, George Schultz was quoted as endorsing the treaty.

I don't know if she read her masterful bit of misinformation off her palm or a teleprompter. She neither scares nor amuses me. She is part of a dreadfully sad statement on the current state of the union. Sarah Palin might well represent the worst of America. The embodiment of dumbing down and ratcheting up the fear, of toxic airwaves and unbridled racism.

It is an absolutely perfectly paradigm of hypocrisy that Mrs. Palin is now employed by the same company that pays Glen Beck some $38 million a year. He was quoted this week that his is not a news show and that he is an entertainer.

Right on.

* * *

On a related note, the conference featured a speech by Texas governor Rick Perry, who is notorious for publicly saying he would refuse any stimulus money and then taking it... after calling for Texas to secede from the union. There was a race I had wished Kinky Friedman had won. I don't live in Texas and have spent mercifully little time there, but I did contribute to the Kinkster's campaign.

Slated to also speak at the event is former Pennsylvania senator, Rick Santorum. Now, there's a voice of the people. Between him and half-term Governor Palin, you've got a winning ticket.


I am sincerely hoping that she runs for President. The Tea Partyers will be credited with aiding and abetting Obama's second term with a landslide unseen since Nixon won by a break-in and dirty tricks in '72. Let them shit their pants and buy into the fear and smear tactics. Rail with the hate mongers like Michael Savage and Rush, Glen Beck and Sean Hannity. I am pulling out my copy of Candide and, like Voltaire, wishing for the best of all possible worlds. Call me an idealist, but I do think truth will prevail and good will win out over evil... and stupid.


Davaudian said...

That little girl has you shakin' in your boots.....powerful chick. Even obaMao is not happy with such insolence. He's not used to being challenged....more he expects all to swoon at his presence. Relax and get your Guild out, put down some lyrics, and show up at her next maelstrom. maybe you'll do better than you did with Micheal Savage.

barryshap said...

Little girl? Some would find that demeaning and a bit chauvinist. But, call 'em the way you see 'em. Me, I think she's a tightly wound clown and the shaking you detect is from derisive laughter.

The problem is I don't relax when I take the Guild out. I have a habit of strangling the neck which has caused a bone spur in my index finger. A natural musician I ain't. And, it was Larz Larson, not Doc Savage. I can't call any of them anymore. Oregon's got a law about talking on the cell and texting and the like.

Davaudian said...

Relax with the guitar. You only need to push the string to the fret, not to the wood. lighten up and's better for you BP.

Sarah's doing a great job, especially with the Tea Party growing by leaps and bounds. They already outnumber my Libertarian Party by millions although not a confirmed third party yet. We'll make great progress in November taking obaMao to task....15 trillion dollar debt in 4 years, the interest alone at over a trillion each year. He spends money like MC Hammer.

barryshap said...

The question is, what exactly is Sarah doing a great job at. The other question is, aren't the Libertarians the Philadelphia MLS team? Oh, and the reference to MC Hammer... isn't he like so ancient history? Your age is showing.

Davaudian said...

She's really good at pissing you off. In fact, you and yours are quite obsessed with her. I don't watch tv except for TCM. Last night was "Marty" with Ernest Borgnine and a bunch of Italians, so I really don't know what she's saying but it must be powerful....obaMao dissed her also. I hope they get into a real scuffle.

Now about that guitar. One more idea for your approach. Next time you try to enjoy the guitar even with the heavy hand, notice if your left elbow is tucked into your left rib cage. that will cause your left wrist to cramp. try to extend your left elbow away from your ribs about 2-3 inches....that way you will relax your left wrist a bit. If you were here, I could get you the help you need.