Friday, April 16, 2010

Congressional Caliber

The following is not made up.

From " 'Tea Partiers' turn out in D.C."-- by Kathy Kiely, USA Today (4.16.2010)

"We're on to this gangster government," Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., said at the rally where the Tea Party Express wrapped a 47-city tour. "We need to take out some of these guys."


Davaudian said...

Of course, she meant at the polls. Folks are sickened by the amount of debt that MC ObaMao is trying get away with. I'm sure his education from MC Hammer has shown him how to blow huge amounts money in a relatively short time....there's a phrase for that.

When the call for a new tea party came from Rick Santelli on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange last winter, lots of smart savvy investors and educated Americans decided "hell yeah" and they put it together. Seems the Tea Party crowd is some of the wealthiest and most educated of Americans and boy are they pissed off!!

Nobody wants to see anything happen to obaMao other than lose the next election and the libs get their ass kicked in November. it was only Jesse Jackson that wanted to cut his nuts off...i don't want to see poor Barry get neutered. i mean, he's got that whole acorn bunch mesmerized. Of course if you're as poor as the acorn nuts, it doesn't matter anyway how much insolvency we have, they can't add anything pass their fingers, where the pacific ocean is, or how far the road goes in that direction...."you know, morons." Waco Kid

mjs said...

There was a surplus when Bush 43 came into office. The neocons tried to push their plan to invade Iraq on his predecessor--Clinton said no. Then Bush 43 had a PDB on his desk in August of 2001 about bin Laden "determined to attack the U.S." but that was thrown in the Who-Gives-A-Fuck pile. So 9/11 comes, and when all air traffic was grounded a jet was filled with House of Saud family members and whisked away (without so much as a cursory interview by the FBI). The surplus was inverted and military contractors danced in the money--the kicker was that taxes on the rich were reduced in a time of so-called "war." Oh-so-patriotic men with dirty bank accounts made billions, and no Tea Partiers made so much as a whimper, or a scowl. Racist tools, in the brackish wake of foul tides.

Cut to the present: Dick Armey, Palin, Jonah Goldberg et al are out spewing oligarchic talking points and this is what passes for depth on the conservative side. There are crocks of shit and then there are TANKS OF SHIT. 95% of Americans received a tax cut from the current administration but you wouldn't know it from the coverage.

We live in a time when we merest of citizens can fact-check the news. I recommend diving into the pile and surfacing with some truth now and then--it makes the pearls you find all the more precious.


Davaudian said...

The truth is with 20 trillion in debt after 4 years of obaMao and 1 trillion alone just in interest,we soon have a third world country.......lefty communism hasn't worked in 100 years, but i guess someone here thinks we need to try just one more time. i mean, it would be a shame if some really smart capitalists risking lots of private money were to make a profit wouldn't it??

Get ready to stand in lines for meat, gas, bread,etc. Of course if you're a poor acorn nut, it doesn't matter anyway.

And, it doesn't matter which major news outlet you want to refer to, you won't find anything but lefty propaganda...the super estrogen Oprah mentality, and the everything is rosy o'donnell mind set....grow a pair of guys are just fodder. You don't even live inside the laws of nature.....fact check...Ha.

mjs said...

Listen: as soon as the conversation gets faux muscular we wander away from basic discussion into cyber bullying. Gross generalizations do not further understanding, rather they serve to pulverize real dialogue, which might be Davaudian's goal. The World is Black & White, you're either With Us or Against Us, it's Good Unfettered Capitalism vs. Bad Commies--in other words, juvenile Ayn Randian cant.

No one on the Internet changes the mind of anyone--but decent presentations of ideas can occur if you're not there just to urinate on the wall. Perhaps the goal is to chase away what cyber-traffic Barry may experience...yeah, maybe that's it.


barryshap said...


In this post, I merely copied a headline and a few lines from a USA Today article. I did not editorialize (beyond the two word title), nor ad any personal comment. You responded with a brief sentence, defending Representative Bachmann's statement. I am sorry. There is no defense for an elected official to refer to the government as "gangster" and her desire to "take out some of these guys."

Then you went waay off-topic.

Calling President Obama MC Obamao does little more than end any reasonable argument. The rest of your off-topic argument doesn't raise the level much. In fact, slogans, slurs and rants are never anyone's best defense in a debate.

Here are a few facts to consider:

1. Many claim to have begun the Tea Party movement. I have not read about it beginning on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange floor, but in response to folks sending Tea bags to the white house to protest TARP. (on or about April 15th).

18% of the American public consider themselves Tea Party members. In a recent poll, it was found that the majority of Tea Party Supporters are wealthy, older than 45 and well educated. They have reported considering the amount of taxes they pay as being fair. They think Medicare and Social Security are worth the cost to taxpayers. They do not think Sara Palin is qualified to be president.

According to the New York Times report on the recent poll, "The overwhelming majority of supporters say Mr. Obama does not share the values most Americans live by and that he does not understand the problems of people like themselves. More than half say the policies of the administration favor the poor, and 25 percent think that the administration favors blacks over whites — compared with 11 percent of the general public.

They are more likely than the general public, and Republicans, to say that too much has been made of the problems facing black people."

I know, I know.

The New York Times-- the bastion of liberal media. Personally, I would be more concerned about those that buy into Fox News, which is bare-faced supporting the Tea Party movement and is clearly not very fair and balanced.

The Times poll also revealed that "Nearly 9 in 10 disapprove of the job Mr. Obama is doing over all, and about the same percentage fault his handling of major issues: health care, the economy and the federal budget deficit. Ninety-two percent believe Mr. Obama is moving the country toward socialism, an opinion shared by more than half of the general public."

Bringing up Acorn is thoroughly and totally irrelevant. What did they actually represent? The power of the media is indeed awesome. Witness the fact that more people know of and associate Acorn with a comically dressed white "pimp" named James O'Keefe, who seemed to be even less convincing as a telephone repair person in Mary Landrieu's office.

The reason people think Obama is running roughshod with the economy and social services have very little to do with the truth.

2. 1/3 of the economic recovery program went to tax cuts.

3. The Obama Administration has reduced taxes for 95% of Americans. (It is the 5%-- the wealthiest Americans who seem to also be moaning the loudest)

4. The Obama admiistration passed 25 tax cut measures in the last year

5. Car sales have increased 13% over last year.

6. The market is healthier than it has been in a long time. Can you say, "11,000?" Corporations are doing better. So much for "lefty communism."

Maybe you will be standing in line for bread and meat at Chalet Gourmet, but for the rest of us, we are thankful that we can fill the cart at Safeway, just fine, thanks.

barryshap said...

(continued from above)

Acorn nuts, Rosie O'Donnell, Oprah and James O'Keefe have nothing to do with the Tea Party, Michele Bachmann's threat to "take out some guys" in the "gangster government," or Sara Palin's proclamation of no retreat, but to "reload." It is like yelling "fire" in a theater full of pyromaniacs.

Or yelling "lynch him" to a crowd who spot a black man running at night.

Barack Obama is not a socialist. He is not a Muslim. He is black. And the whites in the conservative movement, be they rich and educated, and the trailer trash on the other end of the spectrum just don't like it. It is obvious and plain. If Obama ended the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, eliminate all taxes, and put everyone in the country to work, he would still be hated.

Now, I have gone off-topic. The issue was/is (for the moment) Michele Bachmann and her incendiary rhetoric.

Thank you both for your readership and contributions. Now, let's move on...

Davaudian said...

Never mind that should've heard Jeff Beck last night....22 piece orchestra...the best i've ever heard him play. If he comes anywhere near you, just go.

Oh yeah, there's no way you can defend MC's runaway spending, unless you expect to have a broken country. it's possibly too late to stop it. And whomever this Michelle is, she's talking about votes or she would be in draw her with a gun, and then claim you didn't use words.....weird.

Hey, wait a minute, you just played the race card on me....the guy's half white...weird. It's like if you're in traffic. You just see a shitty driver, not anything else...okay maybe the asians are terrible drivers, wife was Japanese and she drove well enough.

Davaudian said...

So you didn't even know that Rick Santelli called for a new Tea Party . Shouldn't you question your legibility to come off as the expert, especially on media. You only watch the majors, knowing they are in obaMao's hip pocket. Then you use their bullshit and lack of coverage to make decisions and announcements.....that's very half assed.

At least the ny slimes has finally owned up to the fact that even they can't cover up the facts anymore as they slide out of existence. Tribune is so broke, nobody will buy them even losing the very buildings they work out of. Oprah won't let the facts come out about her false existence and the media is trying to keep that quite. Finally we're getting to see the mask obaMao has been wearing revealed...he's inept.

barryshap said...

I swore I was going to "move on," but you give me no choice. First of all, I apologize for the typos in my comments. They were written in the heat of the moment. I have since increased my dosage of Lisinopril.

1. Rick Santelli? According to "Daily Caller," he has been called the founding father of the Tea Party movement," probably by himself. He also claimed the White House "threatened" him. He is a whack job. I can't keep track of all the geniuses who have claimed to have created this astro-turf movement. In one hand, their "followers" are being kept alive through Medicare and in their homes through Social Security, and in the other, they slam the government.

2. "So you don't even know... " Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann? I'm shocked. She is one of the loudest, least coherent and sensible voices of the extreme right. YOu infer you don';t know who she is, but you defend her words. Hmmm.

3. What's really weird, and really concerns me is your line of thinking that "you draw her with a gun, and then claim you didn't use words... " Is this supposed to be a joke? Do you believe this line of thinking? You see no distinction between visual and verbal? Please tell me you didn't mean this.

I am not "the expert." I do try to do a little research on what I write about. If I haven't and it is an opinion, I try to make plain it is such. And if it is neither-- just a quoting of someone else's words, I try to make that clear as well. I am sensitive to shoddy journalism and bloggers in general. I have never claimed to be qualified to do more than observe and occasionally offer my opinion. In the case of the latter, opposing points of view are always accepted. Bringing Oprah Winfrey, your Japanese ex-wife or my assumed "half-assed" television viewing habits into your arguments are pretty much conversation-enders. The air has been sucked out of this one. Really, let's move on, shall we?

Davaudian said...

Okay, but Rick Santelli isn't a whack job. he's considered by many to be the expert in bonds on CNBC. I was watching the day he called for a new tea party because of the proposed bailouts by obaMao. You don't get the full story just listening to Katie Couric or CNN or the estrogen based oprah've probably never heard of Van Jones either....they don't talk about that so of course, you wouldn't know....the leftys own the media, so you need to get a little rebellious to get the are being slighted. You probably don't have a clue about your obaMao's commie past or that of his parents, and grandparents either.....steeped in it.

A picture is worth a thousand words mister photographer.....and by the still do the best graphics. that's where your words come from, your picture and the target on obaMao....all a set up.

I don't watch tv, except TCM, so how could i know your suppositions. i just read the papers and I get as big of a picture as possible....CNN, FOX, LA Times, KTLA, BBC, MRC....but mostly I check my stocks on a daily basis thru CNBC. Bloomberg, and YAHOO finance.

Certainly you don't consider me extreme, do you?? I'm very right of center, Libertarian, and time for limbaugh or olberman either....there's a big enough war going on with the sexes to be in the politics battleground.

Davaudian said...

FYI, I was introduce to Buddhism in 1990 by my sitar teacher. When he told me that don't really believe in God, i started to get the perspective correct. He took the time after sitar lessons to show his applications of the study of Buddhism. Then in 1997, I had the teachings reinforced by Richard Gere who expalined buddhism in the western world to me over the few months we worked together. You should be able to understand that easily, why with my Zen master skill levels.

I basically got introduced to Libertrians thru Tom Leykis and Rick Turner...I'm very proud of both and i don't support the Federal party that you have taken sides with....dem or rep.