Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Reliquary

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To this day, whenever Sunday comes around, I think, "Who's on Sullivan tonight?" I don't think of it in color, but in glorious black and white. I would endure Top Gigio, plate twirlers, marching bands, whatever, to see Elvis and the Beatles... Dave Clark and the Stones... everyone who was anyone in rock 'n roll. And the comedians, from Buddy Hackett and Woody, Jack Benny and Henny Youngman, Sid Caesar and Red Skelton. I'd be glued to the set, with my family, in our little den. It was a little like the weather. If you didn't like a particular act, wait a minute, someone else would be on. They called it a variety show. It's an extinct entertainment genre. Back in the day, there were no reality shows. There was Sullivan. He'd have John Byner on, and Frank Gorshin, oh and probably the best of the lot, Will Jordan. They'd all do an impression of Ed, practically in front of him! It got so that other comedians would do John Byner doing Ed Sullivan. I don't live in the past. I like my life now. So why do I miss Ed Sullivan? That's a tricky one.

* * *

And day games. It seems like they're now relegated to Sundays. Be that as it may. Today's was a great one. It's been drizzling a lot lately in Boston, and so it was today. Still, the sight of the Citgo sign and the Green Monster is always so reassuring. The Sox finished their three game series with the Atlanta Braves in edge-of-your-seat style. They were tied going into the bottom of the ninth. Nick Green comes up to the plate. First pitch. Walk off home run. The kid knew it as soon as he made contact. A tight smile. He tried to suppress it, no doubt. The ball winked at the Pesky Pole as it sailed into the stands. The Sox give me smiles and a respite from weary thoughts. That's it, really. Just something to take me away for an hour or so. Something to believe in.

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Davaudian said...

I was on a publicity tour with the Crickets in 1997. We did the Letterman show in the old Ed Sullivan theater on Broadway. Wow, this is where Elvis and the Beatles were. All of those great acts that Ed had supplied for us every Sunday night. Paul Schaffer was cool and had lots of questions. We invited him to Nashville. We left New York and headed for Clear Lake, Iowa and Mankato Minnesota for the annual Buddy Holly memorial. More publicity and live radio broadcasts in England. Still, the highlight was the old home of Ed Sullivan. Yes, he really made Sunday nights warm and cozy.