Monday, June 29, 2009

Life is just...

Yesterday, I picked, cleaned and pitted some cherries from one of our trees. I found myself getting greedy and tried to reach the ones on the higher branches. The sun was high in a cloudless sky and felt damned good on my back. I filled a bucket and wanted more. I thought, "God is good."

Now, before you start worrying that I'm getting all religious on your ass, rest assured, I'm still the same non-believing Member of the Tribe that I was before the cherries ripened on the tree.

Bea has a different take on it and as I thought about it, I think I prefer her POV. She thanks the trees for the cherries and the pears. She thanks the chickens for the eggs... and perhaps, thanks herself for the arduous job of gardening she has done that yields the lettuce we had tonight and the tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, zucchini and herbs to come. Well, maybe she doesn't thank herself-- that's not her style. But I thank her.

Sometimes, I have to just stop, breathe in, and look around. Life is good. And, so too, is that beneficent cosmic muffin some call G-D.

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Davaudian said...

You'll be kicked out of the progressive crowd if you don't watch it. Your mention of G-D goes against everything that city folk stand for as it might reflect negatively on their self absorbed existence. They think they do it all on their own and everything just works by magic.

Every summer I would climd the cherry trees and shake them real good for my Grandmother. God, I love the farm life. Bea is right you know.