Wednesday, May 5, 2010



I flew home from Mazatlan on a Wednesday afternoon. As we approached Los Angeles, the Mexicana plane dropped low over the sea and I caught my first glimpse of the oil spill.

It lay on the blue water off Pacific Point in a free-form slick that seemed miles wide and many miles long. An offshore oil platform stood up out of its windward end like the metal handle of a dagger that had stabbed the world and made it spill black blood.

Sleeping Beauty ©1973 Ross MacDonald

"Ross Macdonald remains the grandmaster, taking the crime novel to new heights by imbuing it with psychological resonance, complexity of story, and richness of style that remain inspiring." --Jonathan Kellerman

"The finest series of detective novels ever written by an American." –– William Goldman


Davaudian said...

Sorry, but I don't have any interest in crime...I'm a builder not a destroyer.

barryshap said...

... and no interest in literature?

Davaudian said...

Science fiction, Buddhism, Corporate structure, Tarzan, Conan, the Hobbit, etc. There's enough bad behavior/crime in real life.

barryshap said...

Science fiction? Buddhism? Tarzan?

A psychologist once quoted Erik Erikson, one of his teachers: "If you want to learn about psychology, you read psychologists. If you want to learn about the human condition, you read fiction." Dosteyevsky wrote the 1st modern crime novel and I've been reading them ever since. I will never make an excuse for my fascination with the genre. People who don't understand, appreciate or even expose themselves to crime fiction toss it off as you have. "There's enough bad behavior, etc." I won't try to convince you otherwise, but depriving yourself of reading Chandler, Robert Crais, James Ellroiy, etc when you are living in the center of noir is a shame.