Sunday, May 23, 2010


I try not to make comments about the politics in other states. I have a difficult enough time trying to make sense of what happens in my home state. Having said that, I need to retract it. I have recently commented on Texas, Arizona and previously, Alaska and Minnesota's scary she-devil, Michele Bachmann. But since the media made such a to-do about the first out and out Tea Party candidate winning a primary for the U.S, senate, I feel okay in repeating Dr. Rand Paul's words and adding a picture and a brief comment. Here's another comment on the ophthalmologist and novice politician: he's a moron. If I were to offer any advice to him, I would strongly suggest he keep his moth shut until November. At this rate, his medical training is going to do him no good at all. He will instead need a podiatrist and oral surgeon, to get his foot out of his mouth. I suppose it could be worse. He could need and anal-cranial specialist, to get his head out from up his ass.

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