Monday, May 2, 2011

Einstein and Imbeciles

What is it? Einstein, I think, defined insanity as doing the same thing and expecting different results. I knew right-wingnut radio would do some sort of blow-back or reverse spin on the killing of Bin Laden, but when I actually heard it, I was shocked way beyond disappointment. I heard lunacy, lies and libel all in the same sentence. And this was from just one of the nuts. You know, the one who sounds like a neutered nut. Mark Levin. I shall refrain from the whack pronunciation. Oops.

The testosterone-deficient Mr. Levin said that the president did nothing and should get no credit for killing Bin Laden. It was the military, pure and simple. Oh, and beyond that-- get this, the operation was a clear vindication of George Bush, Dick Cheney, Scooter Libby and Don Rumsfeld. The operation was a result of Gitmo and advanced interrogation procedures. Really?

Some people kvetch that blogs are nothing more than an excuse to rant tirelessly at some obvious target-- in this case, right wingnut hate radio. And, the problem is??? This is my opinion and you can take it for what it is: Mark Levin is a treasonous, goading moron, who is sponsored and paid to prattle racist faux anger, wrapped up in constitutional tinsel, for the unwashed masses, who have been told they are the rightful inheritors of the American Dream. God, it makes me sick. He and the rest of them should have to proclaim their membership to SAG and AFTRA and just admit they are what remains of the Catskills and stand-up. They are bad lounge acts... worse than that, actually, because they seem to actually believe the shit they spew. Levin and Savage are, for me the worst. Savage? Don't fucking get me started. Such an obvious Lenny Bruce wannabe. Feh!

We will look back on these days and wonder how the fuck we could have just let them slip away.

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