Monday, October 11, 2010


Yesterday's Statesman Journal endorsed former NBA center and 75th draft pick and current Republican candidate for Oregon governor. On the front page of the same edition, the Statesman Journal ran a piece headlined, "NO GUARANTEES-- Biggest war chest doesn't always deliver governorship." It seems Dudley has almost twice as much in campaign funds as his Democratic rival, former governor John Kitzhaber. Dudley has received $2.25 million from the RGA (Republican Governors Association) and $285,000 from the Stimson Lumber Company. Kind of reminds me of the out-of-nowhere quip from candidate George Bush in his debate with John Kerry... "I am the owner of a timber company? Want some wood...?"

On the other hand, Kitzhaber/s biggest contributor (at $175,100) is the Oregon Educational Association PAC.

Does that make Kitzhaber a better person and/or a better candidate?

Perhaps, but not for that reason. I personally find a candidate for the governor of a state that has a fucking pine tree on their license plate in the pocket of a lumber company transparently repugnant.

Where is Ken Kesey when you need him?

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