Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The operative word is "moron."

Last night I was watching Anderson Cooper. On his "Keeping them honest" segment, he discussed the constitutional scholar, Christine O'Donnell and her understanding--or lack thereof--of the separation of church and state. He had three panelists discussing the issue. Two men and a woman. The woman turns out to be someone named Dana Loesch. She claims she is not a Republican, but a member of the Tea Party. That association earns Ms. Loesch the status of "moron." What? I have to respect these idiots? They give the old expression "collective unconscious" a new meaning.

But I digress... let's get back to the issue at hand.

I Googled Ms. Loesch. She's a 31 year-old stay-at-home mom, who had been a liberal until she met and married her husband, Chris. But, Dana is no Tammy Wynette. Tammy kept her mouth shut, except to warble and pop them pills. Dana spews. I tried Googling her name and the word "education." Nothing came up. Hmmm. It is claimed that she is the co-founder of the Tea Party. An auspicious honor if there ever was one. Playboy said, "Loesch is the sweet Midwestern goth version of Laura Ingraham." I wonder if they've gotten her to take her clothes off for that pictorial, "naked morons on the right." Actually, she is kind of cute. I think she was having a bad hair night last night. It was stringy and glued to her head. Meeoww. Michael Savage called her "My mental match" and has had her substitute for him, on "The Savage Nation." Now, there's an honor... coming from one of the most hateful, self-centered dicks on the planet and on the airwaves. There's a special place for Michael Savage but it is not on the earth but under it. Another topic for another post. For now, the topic is Dana Loesch and the idiots who buy into her nonsense speak.

Kind of cute, huh? Reminds me a bit of
The Mothers of Invention's song, "What's the ugliest part of your body?" Some say your nose. Some say your toes...
I think it's your mind.

From the transcript of Anderson Cooper's show:

" ...when you deny rights in the classroom to one group, when you deny rights to one group in favor of secularism, which is its own religion -- religion is not -- is not patented by just a faith in God or Christian principles. It's a devotion and a set of beliefs to a certain something."

A "certain something?"

Are you shitting me?

Does Dana really believe "secularism" is a religion? I think she does. Which earns her a merit badge is stupidity. says that "Calling secularism (the insistence on separation of church and state) a religion should be instantly recognized as an oxymoron." The operative word is... moron.

Dana and her ilk, and their access to the media scares me and makes me dread election day. Maybe she's smarter than she lets on and is just leading the lemming to the cliff's edge. But maybe she is really a moron... and is just leading the lemming to the cliff's edge. It is kind of a no-win situation. As Frank Rich pointed out in his column in the Sunday New York Times, if the Tea Party loses, they're just going to get angrier. If they win, they will gloat over the remaining sane.

This is no longer about birth certificates or being a muslim. This is about the safety and future of this country. Dana Loesch and her minions make me want to take my ball and jacks and play the game somewhere else.

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