Thursday, August 20, 2009


Okay. I'm ignoring all the NO TRESPASSING signs and going in. I know better. I should know better. I know I should just leave it alone. Even festering, puss-filled venereal sores heal. For that matter, I should know better than to hit the button on the radio and tune in. But here's how it is: the music on the FM is either classic rock or indecipherable, undistinguishable, semi-emo crap. I may be an old fart but I do remember when hook-laden rock was king and a song could grab you on the first listen. Ain't that way no more. I had Dylan's latest in the car as well as the new Wilco CD. But I turned on the AM radio. I could listen to Air America, but you know what? Liberal talk radio is fairly boring. So there's God radio or Latin accordion music. I tuned to 860. At the time of the day I turned it on, Michael Savage was on. There's another station that carries Rush. Now, you know, Rush is actually fairly entertaining. He's an overweight, prescription-pill addled loudmouth, but he's a bit hard to take seriously. Savage, on the other hand, scares the living breathing out of me. Could his name be more appropriate? He is a very angry man. Look at that picture. He looks learned and contemplative. The countenance of a nice Jewish boy named Michel Weiner. Uh-unh. This savage is filled with hate. He calls himself conservative, but that word has lost all meaning. There's nothing conservative about him./ He's radical, borderline psychotic. A killer with a microphone and transmission tower instead of a gun and bullets.

Today's tirade was composed pretty much of him peddling his new book, Banned in Britain. Buy a copy and buy one for your friends. Not a suggestion, but an implored directive, as in, buy it or I'll have my rottweiler rip your lungs out. Only he has a metrosexual poodly thing.

Now I remember when he got put on the list. He was contrite, crying crocodile tears and bemoaning the fact that he was being forbidden from the land of bad teeth and worse cuisine. And besides, who the hell wants to go? Well, he has changed his discordant tune. Imagine, he spits out, of all the horrors, a right-wing, conservative talk show host being banned from the UK. It's like the Third Reich is on his sorry ass. Really. He's playing the Nazi card, which has become quite fashionable of late. But it got worse. Where, he asked, is the right wing? Why aren't they standing up for him? Where is the decency? And, for that matter, where are the Jews? There hasn't been a rabbi or a Jewish organization to support me? This coming from a man who was born of Russian Jewish blood and has disavowed/denied his roots. This country, he rants, is a Christian country. How dare the British Empire ban him from their country? They have injured his reputation and emotions. So he says. He is scarred and damaged. Then he went on to rail on about the white man. Why do you think there is extreme fighting? The white man is mad! Grrrr. There's going to be a revolution. The white man will arise. All that was missing was a goose-step and brown-shirt. I would like to say he's pathetic. But the angry bile he spews is like a horrifically bloody accident. I can't help but slow down and take a gander. I can't turn away. I am repulsed and fascinated. Savage/Weiner is privileged to live in this country. Anywhere else and he would have been ripped to shreds by the proletariat and ruling class alike long ago. He is a disease that passes on his lethal illness daily. He hosts an infectious disease, not a talk show.


What exactly is a talk-show host? What do they host? There are no guests. Doc Savage is, as some raise, is nothing more than the name of a bronze comic book hero. This clown has a doctorate in nutritional ethnomedicine. What? He majored in matzo balls? Fried chicken? Tacos? He's as much of a doctor as, say, Laura Ingram, who, by the way, has the eighth among most-listened-to radio programs in the country. Savage is number three. Number three! And who is number one? Comedian Rush Limbaugh. Now, how many Americans are in on the jokes, and how many buy into this stuff? I love the fact that he broadcasts from one of the most liberal cities in the country. Mayor Newsome should have him pulled out of the broadcast booth, strapped into a cab to SFO and shipped non-stop direct to Gitmo. He is worse than any terrorist already there. He has more power, that is for sure. Savage is an unabashed racist and hate generator. He is a moron baiter. And yes, I will listen again.

There. I feel better now.


MadPriest said...


I thought for a moment you were talking about the pretentious Canadian Led Zep tribute band from back in the day!

Now that would be sad.

John Labovitz said...

"He hosts an infectious disease, not a talk show."


barryshap said...

MP-- are there pretentious Canadians? With any luck, that's where I'm heading. I need a good doctor.

John-- That what I said, but like Lenny Bruce said, "without polio, Salk was a putz." In other words, every disease has a host and this turd has a large and raging following. I ask again, who is the bigger fool?

Davaudian said...

Mainstream pelosi/reid media need a balance and even tho it's tiny, talk radio is about all there is. There's plenty of stations to get your marching orders know, abc, def, cnn, etc. Of course the Stalinists are trying to bury any dissension, so enjoy it while you can. I've gotten his unsolicited emails....I thought nixon was bad.

barryshap said...

Uh-unh. No way. Not this time, David. I will cut you absolutely no slack on this one. Michael Weiner does not offer a scintilla of balance to anything that you may construe as a left-wing conspiracy to bring compassion and rationality to the mix. As I wrote, he is pretty much in a league of his own, leaving Rush to his relatively harmless buffoonery in the dust. "Savage" does not represent dissent in any way, shape or form. He is a self-serving maggot, who screams and rants hollow diatribes all the while puffing out his sagging chest and selling his shit to the blind, deaf and dumb. Watch his book climb the charts. He sells it with threats. And the unwashed masses who fear intelligent thought like it was satanic mumbo-jumbo will gather around the book table at Costco and gobble up Banned in Britain like it was composed of the words of God,or Joel Osteen. Visit "Savage Nation" on the airwaves-- I dare you-- then come back and tell me he is the voice of balance. Take a spin through the AM dial, which was what I was talking about, not ABC, DEF (whatever that is) or CNN. I was talking about AM radio. While it is true that most major markets broadcast liberal leaning Air America, that is one station among the sea of bible-thumping fear mongering, right-wing ranting, with a sprinkling of a few stations that recall no less than Wall of Voodoo's brilliant one-hit. Savage? Don't insult the right by including him in your false notion of fair and balanced. If he does have an agenda at all, it is hate wrapped in infectious hubris.

Oh, and you may have been correct once in your poor, delusional life. Nixon was bad.

Davaudian said...

I don't listen to these guys and the only weiner i know of is at Dodger Stadium so I'm certainly not up to speed. I used to listen to Rush in about 1987 when I worked with some folks that had him dialed in and he was actually a bit funny. I thought Rush was a funny name! Is Weiner and Savage the same guy?? The only radio guy I listened to with any regularity was Tom Leykis and they switched his FM station to rap.

Barry, you know me and you know I don't have any faith in anything to do with the fed. I saw a great news blurb about a new carnivorous plant that can attract frogs, lizards and rats. We should send some of those to D.C.

barryshap said...

Yes, Savage is Weiner and he ain't no Dodger Dog.

Davaudian said...

You're the expert......

mjs said...

Keith O. refers to the gasbag Limbaugh as a "comedian." I don't: comedians are funny or they lose their audience.

Here's some fun:

Top 10 racist quotes from Limbaugh.

Olberman addressed Limbaugh's mocking of Michael J. Fox's appearance in an ad supporting Claire McCaskill. Limbaugh has many political ties to Missouri: his "comic" impression of Fox was an extremely cynical, political ploy to denigrate someone who opposed his choice for candidate. That's all it took for him to mock Fox's Parkinson's Disease (fyi: the random twitching comes from the medication Fox takes: if he didn't take it he would have all the motion of a stone at rest.)

More pearls of pissdom here.

Rush is a millionaire because of his words, and the way he shares them--he uses language to create traffic accidents in the mind, because we all slow down for traffic accidents. Besides making a lot of money being a professional hack, he's a draft-dodging, pill-popping, Entitlements-are-for-White-Males tub of pig grease. As to the pustule on his ass that kept him out of serving his country during the Vietnam Era--it was the better part of him.

Thank you, and yes, I feel better.