Monday, August 17, 2009

Feeding Frenzy

I took a bunch of exposures of this scene, both with my DSLR and a macro lens and the G9. This one is with the G9, set on macro. Focal length was 22.0mm and the flash didn't fire, accounting for the blurred action. I like this one. The clarity of some of the others is just too gruesome. It's kind of like the dark side of the Discovery Channel. I usually post my photos on my other blog (, but I figured this one has broader appeal. Ugh.

I had no idea yellow-jackets fed on dead birds. It did indeed appear as a frenzy. I think one of the cats, probably Charles, began the mayhem. There was a dead rodent close by, but the bees showed little interest. The morning should bring another ghastly revelation. Stay tuned.

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Davaudian said...

Nature is cruel....