Monday, July 13, 2009

L.A. interlude


"Who's there?"


"Armageddon who?"

Armageddon the fuck out of L.A.

(The Mortal Jivester)

The above "poster" for an imagined movie was created in response to something the Jivester sent me regarding what was and might be again, but it ain't right now. Cryptic? Yes, but it all makes sense in the context of our individual and collective memories of Griffith Park and what a careless cigarette did to over 800 acres of it. There are so many apocalyptic visions of the end of the world beginning and ending in the City of Angels so as to render most of them (beyond Nathaniel West) redundant. Many of them revolve around wishing and vengeance. The reference to Celine and Buk is not just surreal blather. Lady Death hires Nick Belaine to find Celine in Bukowski's "Pulp." And then, there's Don Henley admonishing us for thinking we can go back. You can't go back. You can never go back. Enjoy the weenie-roast. The soundtrack will be coming out shortly after the movie's release.


Davaudian said...

Love that poster.....the capitol of the third world.

I'm not leaving LA even though the vermin have made it hell. The ethnic embrace and the "don't punish the bad guys" syndrome is thriving and doing the damage that was intended. The mayor is helping his south of the border cohorts bring us down to the tijuana level. Too bad he's not running for governor. Anytime his gangstas get in trouble, he sends them to Catalina Island to lay low for a while. There's thousand of them there now. If I wanted to ruin paradise, I'd do the same thing.

You can never look back, and you can never go home.

barryshap said...

Well, bless your pointed little head. You have the first statement (somewhat) correct; Los Angeles is one of the capitols of Latin America. It's original, full name is El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora de los Angeles de Porciuncula. Us Anglos are just visiting, sucking up the resources and turning into a playground for perverts, moviegoers and mouseketeers . You know who ruined LA? Walt disney, Walter O'Malley and Rick Caruso. Like they say in King Kong, "it was Beauty that killed the Beast."

Davaudian said...

This is/was a desert... there are no resources and if whitey hadn't brought in the water, it would still be a sleepy tragic pueblo of a tijuana not fit for anybody as it was in 1848 and you would need to find some other town to bash.....maybe Chicago.

barryshap said...

I don't know Chicago well enough. What about Nashville?

mjs said...

the water came to the desert
and the crops grew
and the people came in droves
driving, driving, driving:

we are the millions
we are the horde
we are the teeming colony
knocking at the door

cement and asphalt for miles
and miles
man, it was paradise
man, it was hell
and we laughed and we cringed
and smoked our words
like dictionary weeds

the cycles were always there:
rain, drought, fire, flood
every thirty years
we put nails in another messiah
and sold posters of the event

ride with me, conquering drones
ride with me to splendor and the sea
ride with me and we will drown
our troubles, you and me

and the palm trees are swaying
and the bullets are ricocheting
and the night is coming
ride with me
ride with me
ride with me
to splendor and the sea


Davaudian said...

mjs, that's very deep and deep poetry was very cool in the '50's...the good ol' days.
Barry, I hear cochina sotomayer is a yankees fan.....get ny in your sights....that's one hell of a disaster full of vermin.