Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Justice will be done

Here I come,
last chance to run.
Killer with a gun,
out to have some fun.
In my dreams,
I hear screams.
Pleasure I feel
is so obscene.

Timothty McGhee

Timothy McGhee was sentenced to death last week. He represents one of the tenuous connections I still have to my old neighborhood in LA. As the head of the Toonerville Rascals, he terrorized the area. As a kill-crazy mad fuck, he had bloodlust of the worst kind. He liked what he did. Look at that face. Never mind the tats, the scars and the shit that is on the surface. Look at those eyes and that smile. The embodiment of BAD. The reason gangs were created and the way they recruited members. Tim scared the young ones into joining. Become or be dead. The helicopters whir in the darkness and flash their blinding beam, looking for Tim and the Rascals. He fled to Arizona. But he couldn't keep his mouth shut. He liked what he did.


Davaudian said...

Could we just brand a big "L" on his forehead or would the aclu step??

Davaudian said...