Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Is Treason Still a Punishable Offense?

So I was listening to Randy Rhoades on the way home from Portland today and she had the congressman behind the petition against comedian Rush Limbaugh's remark that he hopes President Obama fails. I have to agree with Randy. Why does anyone want to give credence to this overweight, pompous buffoon? I agree that he should be pulled out of his comfy leather chair and sent to Gitmo until the place closes. The fact that he said that he hopes President Obama's programs don't work is... treasonous. The other fact that some Republican members of congress thought his comments were "over the top" and then apologized when Mr. Limbaugh took them to task shows their collective spinelessness and general stupidity. He--and they-- are appealing to the lowest common denominator in this country. For a man of media-driven power to hope that programs aimed at creating jobs, slowing down the worst economic disaster in this country in more than seventy years and, even worse, wishing failure on the President of the United States after less than a week in office, despicable. Mr. Limbaugh is, of course, protected by the first amendment. He is also protected by having a hearing aid he can turn down and a support group of flag waving, gun toting, God fearing cretins. Oh, and don't even get me started on Mr. Tanning Bed--John Boehner. What a dick! Do America a favor. Do not tune in to Rush. Do not buy ANYTHING he advertises. And, for God's sake, do not follow in his baldheaded stupidity and wish our new president failure. Think about it.


Davaudian said...

What were you doing in Portland??

barryshap said...

Well, if you must know-- I went to Bishop's Barbershop to get my hair cut. Kiley does a great job. And while I was in the big city, I went to Powell's. Found an out-of-print bio on Buddy Holly and a couple hardboiled crime novels. Oh, and I also went to Barbour World Market- the best hummus and babaganoush ever!

Davaudian said...

Porkland, the other white meat. I bounced between there and Corvallis while on tour with Waylon and the Crickets... lots of the Northwest during the Autumn days of '78-'81.