Monday, October 20, 2008


I sometimes--no, make that I often--upset my wife by bringing my camera on our walks with the dogs. I brought it yesterday. We happened upon this young deer on the side of the road, in front of the ballet school on Evans Valley Road. I didn't retouch this one. This is the way the camera captured the blood and the glassy eyes.

We often see deer as we drive home from wherever. Dusk is their domain. I am still not quite used to seeing them. They are majestic and incredibly graceful. They are alert of their surroundings. Usually. They are, however, no match for a half-ton pickup truck. I figure, they were here before we were. We should afford them every courtesy and consideration. Yes, they eat from our fruit trees and our crops. It's not their fault we planted what we have in their path.

Please, when you see the deer in your headlights--slow down. Let them pass. Let them live. It's their world as much as it is our's. Maybe more.

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