Thursday, October 16, 2008

If You Can't Beat 'em, Jeer 'em.

No sooner do I praise the Lord for inventing Photoshop that I must wonder if it's being applied for dirty tricks. The above image comes from the usually impartial news wire service, Reuters. It is a shot taken immediately after last night's third and final presidential debate. These are the moments where I think bloggers run into trouble-- when the truth is beyond comprehension, comparison and comment. Fiction falls short when we have such photographic documents. The caption alluded to something about McCain going the wrong way after the debate. Don't get me started. I mean, he's gone the wrong way since losing to W. eight years ago. But, he looks like Nelson Muntz, the bad kid on the Simpsons... sticking his tongue out at the man who would be president.

Yes, the Red Sox are scoreless against the Rays in the fifth and what may be the final game in the ALCS. I take no solace in last year's championship. Although, 2004 was so sweet. There was frost on the ground this morning. The realities of the season. The Celtics are suiting up and getting ready to hit the parquet. With any luck, Kevin Garnett will have his number retired after being named Secretary of Defense. Hold the applause, please. William Ayers could lob some incendiery device somewhere and it will be GAME OVER. Something tells me, however, that Mr. Ayers will remain in the past and Senator McCain will soon join him. Sarah? She has Todd. Isn't that punishment enough for her rabble-rousing? Maverick, my ass. I'm going back to the game. Philly-Tampa? Fox-TV's worse nightmare. Dropping ratings and low advertising revenue. Do I hear bailout?

Stay tuned. It keeps getting more and more interesting.

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davneely said...

dirty tricks.....everything about the libs is dirty tricks...from george soros down...frothing at the mouth to cut down some very good americans....dirty like never before....the biggest civil unrest will come when they lose, not win. dirty, dirty, dirty....wash yo mouth flushable they're big on voter fraud with the judge in their corner, shameful for most decent folk. Late night talk shows with 7 to 1 ridicule. Granted obuma would need to be caught drunk in public with 2 white hookers to lose, but it could happen.