Saturday, March 5, 2011

The cost of freedom.

Fred Phelps is one of the most vile people on the planet. Certainly in America. He is referred to as reverend, but he is surely no man of God. He preaches hate and sends his extended family to taunt and torment, among others, grieving families at the funerals of sons and daughters who were killed in the service of their country. His children and grandchildren stand on the flag and hold up signs of hatred in plain view. And the laws of this land give them that right.

This is a sticky one. It came up before the Supreme Court this week and aside from a dissenting vote by Justice Alito, the despicable acts committed by the Westboro Baptist Church are protected by the first amendment.

A number of the "members" of the congregation are lawyers. Their reason for being seems to be being sued. I am not sure if they are compensated as defendants in the numerous suits filed against the "church" or if it's just a matter of face-time in the news. What ever the reason, they are horrible people, who should not have the right to be called a church. What do other Baptists say about them? Whatever. What they do is legal in the United States, and I suppose I'm glad for that. Otherwise, I probably couldn't write this.

The photograph was scanned from the front page of the Oregonian.

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