Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Christmas to Remember

Part Three- Flashback

Christmas Eve, 2005-- Todos Santos

Chocolat and Luna-- los perros de Alegria Inn, Todos Santos. Their farewell.

Not so much as a footprint...

Sunset Todos Santos, December 22, 2005

Less than a year ago-- it must have been January-- in the depth of winter, I admitted to Bea I had visited the real estate website of a realtor in Todos Santos, on the Baja. We spent Christmas there in 2005. Bea heard my confession as giving up on our life in the great Northwest. She told me I better tell her if I was ready to pack it in. It was a month or so before we got our goats and committed to a life on the farm... Wonky Farm, to be exact. I brushed my ambivalence aside. It was just an errant thought. Of course, I want to stay here, where there are seasons and at least half of them involve precipitation. I left New England 28 years ago because I had had it with winter. I am solar powered. I am also driven by my word, and by love. And now, I live in Silverton. Still, Todos Santos, with its gentle breezes, constant weather and pristine beach, teases my memory and now, in the dead of winter, tempts my senses.

To Christmas past and Christmas future... and today, to Christmas present. Merry Christmas, and to all a goodnight. ("Everybody's Talkin'" sung by Harry Nilsson quietly plays in the background)

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